Attract local restaurants and businesses.

Enhance our park and recreational facilities for today and the future.

Maintain our core public services and infrastructure.

Ensure our public safety services have the resources they need.

Expand housing options for seniors and be a community of choice for families.



Restaurant, Food Truck, and Brewery regulations are being updated to provide more options for dining and entertainment in our neighborhoods.

Commercial Area Plans to help revitalize older neighborhood shopping centers with the same focus as larger developments.

Park Improvements including pickle ball at Westwood, updates at Sunrise, new concession building in 2020 at Dred Scott, and an opportunity to partner with the PGA to enhance Hyland Greens Golf Course.

Opportunity Housing Ordinance to reduce regulatory costs to allow the market to provide more housing working families can afford.



I am running for re-election to the City Council to ensure the city maintains the same focus and passion for our neighborhoods as it does for its world class hospitality and shopping districts. I am a small business owner. I have lived in Bloomington for 20 years. With my wife and daughters, we have made our home here. 


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Thoughts on Community Issues


I am excited that the City is working with PGA Reach, the charitable arm of the PGA of MN, to enhance the golf experience at Hyland Greens. I support partnering with the PGA of MN to update the golf course with the assistance of the Jack Nicklaus Design Group and rebuild the club house with additional year round training facilities. The PGA of MN is focused on maintaining a facility that is open to the public and playable for kids, seniors, and veterans. Although all of the details are not finalized, this public private partnership could provide a greatly improved facility at no cost to Bloomington residents and eliminate the tax subsidy of nearly $300,000 that the course currently receives. Better amenities for less money!



Meeting the housing, transportation, and recreation needs and desires of seniors in our community is a priority for me. I will work to enhance our city so that seniors can eat, shop, and play in our neighborhoods - gather with family and friends, stay active indoors and outdoors, have safe housing that is affordable, and participate in art and recreation programs.

HOUSING – Support those seniors that want to stay in their home with modest safety improvements that reduce fall, trip, and other hazards. Help provide senior housing options. Consider property tax freeze and deferment programs to assist those on fixed incomes. 

TRANSPORTATION – Ensure transportation services that allow seniors to get to medical appointments, go shopping, and connect with friends. 

RECREATION – Maintain and improve the programs and services currently offered at Creekside without interruption. Consider how to expand options for seniors in our local parks - community gardens, stretching and exercise stops, and multigenerational programs that connect seniors and kids. 

Bloomington is wonderful because of the people. Many residents I know and have met during the campaign have lived in Bloomington for 40, 50, or more years - and they want to stay here in Bloomington. Meeting their needs will be a priority for me on the City Council.



I will work to enhance our community to ensure that it continues to be a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We can have a community where we can eat, shop, and play in our neighborhoods. 

EAT, SHOP, PLAY – Attract local restaurants and welcome innovative businesses to our neighborhoods. Protect and enhance our park spaces. Support our community youth sports organizations. We can have a thriving, dynamic community. 

COMMUNITY – Enhance our park and recreation areas to provide compelling options for young children, teens, and adults. Consider splash pads, parkour, exercise and stretching stops, skateboarding, wifi enabled shelters, and after school activities in addition to fields, courts, rinks, and playgrounds. Include more kids in the planning process for our community. We can provide positive, safe places for our kids to hang out, have fun, and be active.  

SCHOOLS – Strong schools are critical to a strong community. All City Councilmembers, and senior staff, should be a mentor to a high school student. Provide internship opportunities and get students engaged in public works, parks and recs, building inspections, police and fire, and other city services. Connect the business community, city, and schools to provide college and career paths for students.We can value and help students looking to go to college and those seeking career opportunities. 

I will bring a fresh perspective to our community and focus on enhancing our neighborhoods.  



The city needs to have the same level of focus and passion for our existing, and aging, neighborhoods as it does for our world class hospitality and shopping districts. 


Bloomington should be at the top of everyone's list of places to live. We need to attract great local restaurants and shops into our neighborhoods, support our schools, and provide community amenities our residents desire and will use. 


We need to ensure that our regulatory efforts support and promote our businesses, not overburden them, while meeting our shared goals. I have over twenty years of education and experience in leading the business community, locally and nationally. I own two small businesses.


We must celebrate our diversity - religion, ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, orientation, identity, culture, ability, and opinions and ideas - and build a community that unites us based on our common humanity.


The City Council is responsible for being wise stewards of the people’s money. The first priority is to effectively manage the basic services of the city, including roads, parks, water and sewer, safety services, and others. The second priority is to ensure that investments into capital improvements for infrastructure, facilities, recreation areas, and other community assets are financially responsibility in the long term and has strong community backing. 


Housing policy has to be a priority for Bloomington. We need a mix of housing options for our community. We need to plan for our boomers transitioning to smaller houses, continue to attract families, and make it possible to provide workforce housing.


The City needs to be a strong partner of our public and private schools at all levels. I believe we can help connect schools, businesses, and government to provide real world educational opportunities. I also believe that we need to encourage and celebrate different paths, including college, career, vocational training, trade school and on the job training, military service, and religious study. Worker training and retraining is also important in a dynamic economy.


Green space should be available for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors. This should include a mix of well maintained open space, picnic areas, trails, shelters, and sports and recreation facilities. We may also consider community gardens, exercise stops, pollinator habitat where appropriate, sledding, snowshoeing, and other creative uses. Green space should serve to bring neighbors together on a regular basis.


We need to ensure our police, fire fighters, and first responders continue to have the training, support, and resources to be safe while keeping our community safe. 


We enjoy high quality drinking water, great parks, clean air, and access to lakes and rivers. We need to protect these resources with cost effective sustainable management of our resources, view energy and water efficiency as competitive advantages, and reduce our long-term impact and costs. 


Bloomington is fortunate to be bordered and crossed by three major highways. However, the levels of congestion on the highways and internal roads raises concerns about safety and quality of life.



My priority for trails in our community is to repair those we already have and provide a more connected system. I am excited we are working with Three Rivers Park District to connect Hyland/Bush Lake to the Nine Mile Regional Trail in Edina and planning a trail along Old Shakopee Road between Bloomington Ferry Bridge and Nesbitt in the coming years.

I know there are legitimate concerns about the State Trail in the River Bottoms. It is important to note that this is a State project, and the City is not funding design, construction, or maintenance. The DNR, at the direction of the MN Legislature, started construction of the segment between Lyndale Ave and Old Cedar. This will provide safe and accessible access to the area. The optimistic part of me hopes that this creates a unique amenity by providing an 8-10 mile loop with the new 35W bridge pedestrian/bike path, the existing paved trail on the Burnsville side, and the existing Old Cedar Ave Bridge.

Currently the DNR does not have funding for additional parts of this trail. If you oppose this trail please contact your State Representative to oppose additional funding. As I mentioned, expanding this trail is not a priority for me. I would much rather see investment in a safe and durable trail system within community.



Shawn Nelson has demonstrated his support for a strong housing market, which ties together the communities of our great state. He is a proven leader in the community who shares our goal of building safe, smart, and durable homes, at a price that families can afford.


Endorsed by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors


Shawn Nelson

First elected to the Bloomington City Council in 2017

35W Solutions Alliance member representing Bloomington

Business Education at Valparaiso University and MBA at St. Thomas

Small business owner - New Spaces and Blue Sky Skylights

Director and Board member of several local and national organizations

Daughters attended Olson Middle School and Jefferson High School

Helped write two green building programs - MN GreenStar and National Green Remodeling Guidelines

Leader in the housing industry. Worked with industry, agencies, legislature, and city to ensure safe, efficient housing that families can afford.

Volunteer at school events, Feed My Starving Children, Loaves and Fishes, youth programs at church, Bloomington Fastpitch Association, and Olson Middle School Volleyball.